Member of the Week: Broidaboy

Meet our newest member of week Broidaboy, who just recently won 2nd place (and $4000!) in Checkered Flag’s Best Price. Most Hyundais. His video “WHY?!” was ridiculously funny; check it out below and then read on to find out more about him!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi I’m Don and I’m a work-a-holic. I love my job and I love to work. We get to
tell stories for a living. How awesome is that? I’m originally from Santa Barbara, CA and moved to Los Angeles about eight years ago. I currently reside in Studio City, CA with my wife and my 8-month old son.

Tell us a little bit about your filming background-what got you started?

In high school I started making surf videos. My friends and I would surf every
morning, go to school, and spend every evening cutting them together. We loved it, but
the part I enjoyed the most, other than actually surfing, was the editing process.
Choosing the best footage, creating titles, adding music, finalizing it, and eventually
showing the finished product to everyone. From that, I decided I wanted to pursue
post-production in feature films.

The summer after high school, I got a post job working on a feature film,
DALLAS 362, directed by Scott Caan. I had the time of my life on the film and decided
that post was definitely for me. I love how closely you work with the Director and
Producers and the true impact post has on the final product. This realization helped
shape my college decisions.

While in school, I found work within the industry that I could do while
simultaneously studying. I worked closely with directors such as Curtis Hanson, John
Singleton, Mark Pellington, Robert Luketic, Jason Moore and Producers such as Tom
Rosenburg, Clint Culpepper, and Paul Brooks. They are incredible filmmakers who have
shared a lot of their knowledge with me about pre-production, production, and post

Along with them I was closely mentored by Lisa Churgin, who is an incredible
film editor. She cut films such as Dead Man Walking, Gattaca, and Cider House Rules.
She taught me the importance of story and how to find the best performances.

Tell us about the creative and filming process of “Why?!”:

I try to only work on things that I have a very clear idea for and I saw this project
and was interested in it. I thought it over a bit and the concept came to me one night.
My goal was to capture the upsetting feeling of being taken advantage of, or of not
getting a great deal, but to make the emotional reaction way over the top. When you
have great actors, this can be easy to do without running the risk of it getting too
annoying or cheesy.

Doing a project like this one, it’s incredibly important to come up with an idea
that will be attainable for the budget, so it’s an issue of balancing what will look
professional and grab the viewers attention while not spending too much money –
Comedy is always a good way to go. In terms of filming, I knew that I wanted the
camera to be static, so that the comedy could be front and center. hen I got into post I had so much footage that didn’t know what was the best and most funny way to tell the story. At first, I tried a montage with a ton of cuts, but the comedy felt forced. Ultimately, I realized it was the most funny when it just played out in real time. The two actors did such a great job, that they just needed to be left on screen. The longer they were on, the more comical the spot was.

What are you hoping to achieve now?

I want to make cool stuff – The cooler the better. With every project, I want to make something more funny, or more emotional, or on a bigger scale than anything I’ve done in the past. Hopefully I can make a career of constantly outdoing myself.

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