Movies to Get You in the Mood…For Spring Break

Once upon a time I lived in a magical world called “College”. In this alternate universe I frequented Greek social events, wasn’t expected to show up anywhere until noon (at least the first two years) and was encouraged, nay, required to take a week long hiatus to an exotic location.

Now that I’ve been exiled to the “Real” world, this hiatus doesn’t exist. I’m expected at work promptly at 8 and if I want to take a little break I must submit a request in writing. In an ironic twist, I now work part time selling to tourists in the same city I once spent my spring break. Guess what? Florida is not so exciting when you spend the day light hours in an office. Sadly, corporate companies don’t hold meetings on the beach.

For those of you still fortunate enough to live in a realm with a built in Spring Break, you’re journey begins in about a week. Here are some movies to get you in the mood (or remind you fondly of days gone past).


1. Road Trip

Really what’s more Spring Break-ish than four college buddies piling into a beat up car and hitting the open road?

Sure their trip is spurred by Breckin Meyer’s idiot slip up of sending his long time girl friend the wrong homemade video- a not so G-rated movie starring him with another instead of the cute montage of “I miss you” footage he originally planned. But along the way we get to see everything that sums up a typical college road trip, and then some. Most of the antics brought about by Seann William Scott (of American Pie infamy ) including mishaps such as wrong turns, exploding cars, grand theft auto (or bus, really), fraternal bonding, and plenty of other naughty antics. You know, typical college stuff.


2. Fool’s Gold

A treasure hunt. A yacht. Key West. Donald Sutherland. What else do you need to know?

This movie brings together the magicians of rom-com Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey as a squabbling couple who are both after the treasure of a long ago sunken ship. This film actually has an interesting cast of characters and while the plot is a bit formulaic, it’s Caribbean setting more than makes up for it. You’ll be imagining yourself in crystal blue waters and powder sand right along with sun-kissed Hudson. If this doesn’t have you reaching for sunscreen there is no hope for you.

Oh, and McConaughey spends a good portion of the movie shirtless. If you’re in to that sort of thing.

3. From Justin to Kelly

The single greatest Spring Break movie of all time. Wonderfully original characters, outbursts into clever songs, plus plenty of extras dancing in bikinis. Oh, and Kelly Clarkson of course.

The plot is genius: A small town girl named Kelly is convinced by her friends to go down to Florida for a last minute Spring Break trip. (Cue “Vacation” by the Go-Gos remake).

She runs into a random, party guy named Justin (as in Justin Guarini…they guy famous for…I think he was on American Idol. Or something). Further chance encounters over the vacation, including a whipped cream bikini contest hosted by Justin’s friend, create a blossoming romance between the duo. Surprising, right? Who would have thought opposites attract…but these two manage to make it work! I won’t give away what happens, but you have to see the song “Anytime”, a truly touching duet.

Fun fact: Anika Noni Rose followed up her breakout role by starring in “Dreamgirls” with Beyonce and becoming the voice of Princess Tiana in “The Princess and the Frog”.

4. 1960’s Movies

Okay, okay, this isn’t one movie, its several. But the 1960’s were so flush with Spring Break-esuqe movies that it was hard to narrow it down to just one. Where the Boys Are, Girl Happy, Beach Blanket Bingo, Gidget, Ride the Wild Surf, Beach Party, Beach Ball, Surf Party, Wild on the Beach, and  The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini just to name a few.

The 1960’s practically invented the modern spring break. Each one has its own plot but the key elements are all the same: A picture perfect beach, pretty girls in bikinis, charming surfer hunks, and beach side parties. If the raunchy antics of Road Trip aren’t your thing then let the good clean fun roll with the 1960’s spring break film collection it’s sure to put you in that spring break mood (and leave you with a hankering for “the good old days”).

5. Cocktail

Sex, booze, and the beach.

Spring break in three words.

Meme E

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