Mrs Dash: “Live It. Love It. Eat It.” Awards Announced!

Howdy, filmmakers and print designers, and fans of same!  The awards for the Mrs Dash Live it. Love it. Eat it. contest are live on the awards page. You all went the extra mile this time, delivering three different glorious ads in order to be eligible, and there were countless wonderful submissions.  But as always, awards must be chosen, and Mrs Dash chose a selection that I highly recommend you peruse, as they are absolutely fantastic.


1st Place Client Award, $9000: naeemmunaf with “Three Worlds of Seasonings

2nd Place Client Award, $5000: ark18 with “Meet the Quinns

3rd Place Client Award, $3000: Brighteyed11 with “Mrs Dash’s Men

4th Place Client Award, $2000: landonson with “Extra Spicy Fire

5th Place Client Award, $500: Drywater with “Fresh Fruit With A Wallop

6th Place Client Award, $500: BolderBros with “The Spice of Love


1st Place Client Award, $1000: fireproofpants with “Dear Grandkids

2nd Place Client Award, $750: qmor with “Morse Code

3rd Place Client Award, $500: SAMenezes with “Crazy for Flavor

4th Place Client Award, $250: decourseygagnon with “A Little Dash Goes a Long Way: Shishkabob

Thanks to all who submitted!

Meme E

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