Music Monday – 10/31/11



Hey, it’s Monday so that must mean it’s time for another music Monday!


Winter Family – “Y”

“Y” by Winter Family off their new album Red Sugar. The Band is from Jerusalem and Paris, Jean-Baptiste Toussaint directs the video.

This heartfelt video is merely a collection of pictures, yet the impact delivered to the viewer is clear and awakening. This low-budget, intimate, thoughtful video grabs hold of any viewer and forces the audience to watch these people grow older, surrounded by objects objects that become the background to their lives.


It makes sense that a director like Jean Baptiste Toussaint would make a video like this, because his background seems to be mostly in photography. Being well versed in that medium means he understands the impact pictures have on any audience, and through this medium he learns how to drive his point right out to any viewer.


“Y” strikingly brings to mind other films about life and growing older. But what really all these films have in common, is coming to terms with aging. By thinking outside the box and stitching together a montage of family photographs with ultra-sound footage, this video leaves a mark on a viewer.

Check out the cool video!

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