New “7 in One Shot” Promotional Contest



We want you to get involved in our most recent project from our team in Italy!

What is the best medicine for the soul and the mind? Laughter! Bend over with laughter. Laugh to tears. Having fun is one of the few activities where thoughts and problems fade away, where there is no room for logic and where we feel free to do and say whatever we want without any filter.


You are wondering if we are crazy! But no, we just want to introduce the funniest and most exhilarating contest of recent times!


Perfetti Van Melle is looking for a video teaser of up to 45 seconds that portrays stupidity, comedy and absurdity around the concept “7 in one shot”. Why just 7? Because 7 is the number of shirts that you should win in one shot for a promotional initiative that the company will launch shortly.


You have to be surreal, absurd, creative and devoid of any logic; have fun (with judgment!) . The video must be viral and unconventional.


The customer will provide € 20,000, divided as follows: € 6,000 for the first classificated, €4,000 for the second classificated and €3,000 for the third video selected by the customer. The other €7.000 will be divided equally among the other 7 deserving submissions, selected by the customer, for a total of 10 videos rewarded.


Are you ready to laugh? Read the brief and prepare for the funniest video contest of the year!

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