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Yokoi Films

Hey Zoopers,

It’s time to introduce our member of the week, Chris Sato. He is a new Zooppa member who just won 1st place in the Rock Deodorant by Crystal contest! Please help me in congratulating him for his work!

Chris is a Creative Director of Yokai Films, a new collective of highly creative and experienced film artists, with extensive experience in corporate and commercial video as well as creative endeavors. Chris will release the company’s first feature film, this year. A lot to congratulate him on!

Read below to learn more:

Tell us about yourself.

Yokai Films is a full-service video and film company led by Creative Director Chris Sato, who founded the group this year. Chris has 15 years of experience in the industry, and the company focuses both on corporate and commercial video as well as artistic endeavors. Chris works with a consistent rotating group of freelance collaborators, such as Jason Kraynek who shot the spot and submitted his own concepts to the competition, and dedicated company members, such as Lindsey Marks who co-wrote and appears in the spot. Yokai completed their first feature film this year, Heaven is Hell, which was directed by Christopher along with Yokai company member Mike Meyer, who wrote the screenplay. Yokai produced the web series Hitwomen, and is currently producing the web series Days of the Living Dead.

How would you describe your film style?

Our work tends towards absurd and sometimes dark comedy, fantastical themes, elements of action or highly physical narratives, and we don’t mind the opportunity to squeeze in biting social commentary when we get the chance. While we have our stylistic inclinations, we also enjoy the creative challenge of working within a client’s parameters to create a commercial or artistic piece that enhances the goals of a particular concept.

How did you come up with the idea for (your winning contest) and what was the process in producing the video?

Oh man. This contest was particularly appealing because Lindsey had already spent plenty of time joking about and reading Jezebel articles criticizing the brand promises of “bro spray” type deodorants, so it was almost an excuse to create something we might have developed on our own. We started with a doctor’s office idea, that made its way to a self-help group concept, that made its way into a PSA style ad. Jason Kraynek shot our spot, and we also worked with him on developing his submissions. We’re all actually pretty enamoured with the commercial, and are delighted the makers of Rock felt the same!

What are you hoping to achieve in the future?

We are excited to expand our portfolio of creative commercial work and to gain momentum and a recognized name in the realm of independent films. We want a lot of things. All the things!

Link us to any work/a portfolio that you’d like mentioned.

Website link below will be live in a couple days (Tuesday at latest)


A quote about Zooppa:

Zooppa is the perfect outlet for taking risks with creative work and refining our craft, while having the opportunity to showcase in front of nationally-recognized brands and companies seeking content. Yokai Films has enjoyed the benefits of crowdfunding, through sites such as Kickstarter, and is excited to step into the realm of the crowdsourcing model by joining the expansive community of creatives that Zooppa has developed.

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