New Member of the Week: Garth Pratt

Garth Pratt- ZooppaWell Zoopers,

It’s time to introduce our member of the week, Garth Pratt. He is a new Zooppa member who placed second in the early entry awards for his “Like Father Like Son” video in the Reebok: Pump It Up contest. Please help me in congratulating him for his great work!

Read through the topics to learn more about Garth:

If you had an unlimited budget, where would be your dream location to shoot?

I dream of going to New Zealand to shoot where “The Lord of the Rings” movies were shot. Landscape is the most inspirational to me visually.

Describe your film-making background. What got you started?

I’ve filmed since I was a child, but I’ve only really got into creating videos three years ago when my girlfriend broke up with me. I decided to lavishly spend money out of anger and I bought a camera. Then I really got into it and that is how I met my wife! Now I am filming with Vivint. Inc, a home automation and solar company.

Share with us your creative process. What have you found inspiring?

When I try to come up with a creative concept, I usually have to dedicate a few hours walking around in the nature with a pencil and notepad. I tell myself that I can’t go anywhere until I come away with at least 10 ideas. Then my brain starts working and it all comes together. I also keep myself informed with current video styles and advertising campaigns so that I can parallel my ideas with those. And lastly, I go out and shoot. All the time. Things don’t happen until you go out and work.

A quote about Zooppa:

The idea that big brands host video contests through Zooppa is very important to me because it is a chance to create something from your own imagination and let it influence thousands of other people. I specifically work with Zooppa because their client list is amazing. Also, the user experience with the website is very easy to navigate through. I like the idea of having rankings according to how many contests you’ve won because it stimulates people to try harder to make it to the “pro” level.

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