New Partner: Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Zooppa is proud to present a brand new new partner: Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD).

Founded in 1963 by Phillip J. Steele, the RMCAD was set up to train artists in a traditional/academic method that dates back to the Renaissance. Now RMCAD has grown to offer programs in animation, game art, interior design and art education.
Zooppa has had a few animated videos, mainly in 3D animation win awards in the past 2 months. If you’re a filmmaker looking to expand your skill set then learning about 3D animation would be a great way to go.

You don’t have to live in or around Lakewood, Colorado to attend the RMCAD. They now offer four online BFA programs: 3D Animation, Communications Design, Illustration and Interior Design.

I really like the Communications Design program. The following is how RMCAD describes their course work in Communications Design:
“Communications design is different than the fine arts, because there’s a specific audience the message has to reach. In this curriculum, you’ll learn to explore various design solutions using processes that you’ll use again and again in your career as a designer.”

This is what your videos do here at Zooppa. The client is trying to target a specific audience (you’ll see the target audience at the end of our most of our briefs) and it’s your job as filmmakers to speak to that audience through video. Good film making isn’t just about the narrative. It also incorporates elements of design. Particularly in the editing.

Here is the chair of the department, Fred Murrell, speaking about design and its function.

Check out RMCAD youtube page
Check out RMCAD Facebook

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