New Quick-Fire Contest: 30-Second Blogger Audition

Attention all filmmakers and bloggers!

Do you want to go to the London Olympics? Or win $5,000?

Zooppa is teaming up with Samsung to send one awesome blogger to the Olympics. We’re looking for a pro blogger and social media expert who exudes confidence, originality and humor. Send in your 30 second audition and convince us why you are the Samsung Global Blogger.

As a Samsung Global Blogger, you’ll be mentored by celebrity judges and have the opportunity to file reports from London. Your video blog will be promoted across 19 countries. You’ll be sent out and about in the British capital to cover what’s going on and give your unique take on the city.

Additionally, three lucky Zooppers will win Best Blogger prizes, with a top prize of $5,000. Zooppa winners are still eligible for the Samsung Grand Prize.

Read all the details, and submit your 30-second audition video now. Read the brief.


Meme E


  1. What an awesome opportunity! Unfortunately I’m not from any of the countries listed as being eligible for the competition. Boo! I’m a South African living in Taiwan.

    Come on, give a girl a chance! Pretty please?

  2. Hey Liesl,

    I know, right? Maybe if you moved to China for the next week… :)

  3. Actually, I checked with the client… and they say Taiwan is fine! For the purposes of this contest, we can count it as China. GO FORTH AND ROCK IT!

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