Guest Post from Co-Founder of CreatorUp—Next Generation Commercials: Branded Content that Touches Us

Brands are pushing the envelope every day by finding new ways to talk to their customers with fresh digital stories. So what is “branded content” and as a video content creator or filmmaker, how can you create something that feels unique for a brand that touches the hearts of their community of fans or non-fans?

Have you ever watched a video and been hooked in, even if you knew it was sponsored by a brand, or maybe you didn’t even know that? Chances are – it could have been “branded content.” That is – a story that caught your attention and made you want to watch more because it engaged your emotions or your senses.

There’s the “Dear Kitten” video with over 21M views – which gives a kind of lovely funny welcome to the new kitten of the house. From the perspective of a very wise cat who clearly knows much, much better. You might never guess this was a 3 minute ad for Purina, but you probably shared it with your friends anyway.

Branded content celebrates the creativity of the brand and the clever consumer who can become a brand advocate by just clicking the like button, or sharing the videos. Brands love it. Creators love it. And fans love it. Let’s face it – everybody loves branded content – which is a great reason for you to go out and make some.

There’s the 6 minute long Dove Real Beauty sketches with 5M Views where a sketch artist who is comparing two portraits of the same woman. In the first portrait, it is based on how a woman describes herself to him. In the second portrait of the same woman, based on the description of the same woman by a close friend. The portraits are placed side by side after the sketch artist completes them and shows them to the woman. His experiment reveals to the women that the women are described more beautifully by their friends than they themselves had given themselves credit for.

The stories of these women are emotional ones when they have the chance to compare how they see themselves, and how others see them after they compare the two portraits side by side – sad vs. happy, tired vs. energetic, or even old vs. young. The emotional reactions of the women when they notice the negative way they tend to view themselves creates a transformation in the video that carries you on their journey, and associates this value of true beauty with Dove. A branded content journey we can all appreciate.

Should it be funny? Touching? Joyful? Thrilling? Well- that part, is left up to you, the creator. And we can’t wait to see what incredible ideas you come up with to celebrate some truly exciting brands and their customers in the world of fresh digital stories.

Guest Post by Michael Tringe, co-founder of CreatorUp, the digital storytelling academy.

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