nthWORD: A Magazine For Creative People, By Creative People

nthWORD is an online magazine for people who are passionate about ideas, words, and images. I think what they are doing is really cool, and thought you might think so too. nthWORD features works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art with a punchy tone. They regularly feature established (Esquire, Salon, New York Times) and new artists to bring them increased visibility.

In just one year, nthWORD has gained over 14,000 subscribers from all over the world. Their list of regular contributors is impressive to say the very least, and their content is great. And, if their four issues each year is not enough, you can check out the frequently updated nthWORD Shorts.

nthWORD Shorts will soon be featuring Zooppa Creative Profiles. Make sure to keep an eye out! Fan nthWORD on Facebook to stay up to date with all that they are doing. Also, check out nthWORD’s recent feature on Zooppa!

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