Ode to Ellen

Hello Zooppsters! As you may have recently heard, we are pleased to announce that Zooppa has launched an exciting new contest for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, called “Celebrate Ellen“. Individuals are encouraged to create an on-air promo featuring Ellen as the witty, giddy, big-hearted icon we all know her to be. The prize money offered to the winners is particularly generous as well, with a whopping pool of $30,000!

   Over the years, the show has produced countless unforgettable moments, ranging from tear-jerking to guffaw-inducing. A personal favorite is when Ellen directed Sofia Vergara in an increasingly ludicrous performance in a local market, on hidden camera, to the complete bewilderment of the employees and embarrassment of herself. There’s no doubt about it—Ellen DeGeneres has a talent for entertainment. According to ellentv.com, she’s won 35 Emmy’s, written two books, been a guest judge on American Idol, and was featured in a CoverGirl campaign…what hasn’t she done! 

So now is the perfect opportunity to use what you know about The Ellen DeGeneres Show to exhibit your creativity, and not to mention make some serious money as well! We cannot wait for the submissions for this particular contest. Remember Zooppsters, all videos are due May 3rd, so don’t delay, submit today!

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