Official Winners Announced for “I Love Internet” Competition

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Thanks to everyone who submitted ads to the Telecom Wired “I Love Internet” competition. All of your creativity and hard work made this contest a great success. After counting up all of the votes, we would like to officially congratulate the winners!

Telecom Wired Awards

1st Prize – $2000
“A Story” by MEDesign

2nd Prize – $1700
“From Germany With Love” by jmharper

3rd Prize – $1400
“We Are Building the Future of the World” by rafita

BigZooppa Awards

1st Prize – $1400
“Tuttu Intorno a Te” by mirrorprod

2nd Prize – $1000
“Happy@Birthday” by BobStorm

Community Prizes

1st Prize – $1100
“01.06.09” by ilBongio

2nd Prize – $500
“New Disorders to Your Senses” by JANKHA

3rd Prize – $300
“Love Story” by Ema80

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