ONE Thing We Agree On: This contest was amazing!

You’ve done it again,  Zooppa community. you’ve floored us all with your creativity, your imagination, your skill, and most of all, your heart.

You’ve leant your voice to an amazing cause, helping to fight global poverty, famine and disease.  Your videos were amazing in both form and content, from live action, to claymation, to motion graphics, and each one with a message that we can all get behind, no matter what else we disagree about.

And the prints!  Wow!  You graphic artists are terrific!  What a range of content from serious, to quirky to funny. You wouldn’t think ads about poverty famine and disease could be funny, but we laughed a lot with some of the entries, and in a good way.  Those will stick with us and remind us to do a little extra good in our days.

No matter how it all plays out if you win an award or no, know that you’ve all done great work, putting something positive into the world that wasn’t there before, all in aid of a good cause.  I thank you for it, Zooppa thanks your for it, iStockphoto thanks you for it, and ONE thanks you for it!

Fine work Zooppers. Fine work indeed.

Meme E

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