Orbitz Video Contest, Every Prize Rank Gets Airline Tickets!

Hey All,

We have about 6 days left to wrap up the Orbitz Price Assurance Contest. I wanted to let you all know that every prize rank gets free airline tickets. There are 10 client judging awards and 5 community voting awards.

Your mission:
Create a video, up to 60 seconds long, about what you wish was “automatic”.

Your videos should demonstrate, in a humorous way, things in life that are not automatic, but that you wish were.

You are allotted up to 60 seconds for your videos – but you don’t have to take the full minute. If the story you’re trying to tell is better, funnier in a shorter time frame, there’s no reason it can’t be 30 seconds, or even 15! It’s up to you.

Click here to enter the contest

6 days left ya’ll!

Take it easy,

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