Oscar: The Golden Idol

"All Hail Oscar, our golden calf god"

The Oscars: A tried and proven, blatant form of idolatry. 

Sure awards are great, but do they really mean anything?  Are they really just an evil Pavlovian trick to keep us all seeking  the approval of others?

Award ceremonies are alluring, what with all their pomp and privilege.  But what does it all really mean?  Why are we left feeling so deflated and worthless if we aren’t accepted to that festival or if we fail to win the award we so covet?

So many reasons

There are a great many factors involved in being recognized for one’s work.  There is the subject (the story), the filmmaker’s vision and lastly the opinion of others.  To win that soaring achievement we’re all looking for, all three of these things need to align with the stars and then maybe, just maybe someone will say “Hooray!”.

But just because your film doesn’t “go as far” as you might hope, does not mean you should stop trying.  All we can really do is follow our passion and use our talents to the best of our ability and pray we may eat sometime soon.

Think about it:

  • Should I continue coveting that award festival or focus on my work?
  • Will I ever be satisfied with myself and my work without winning that award?
  • How can I be free to enjoy the process and let go of that golden idol?
With more and more filmmakers emerging every day, due largely to cheaper equipment, competition in film is at an all-time high.  Festivals have to wade through scores of films to find ones they like, and just because it isn’t yours doesn’t mean you suck.
Keep making films, keep doing what you love and keep testing yourself and your creativity.  All we can ever do is be the best we can be and love ourselves for doing it.


Jasmine Moore

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