Our First Member of The Week for March: Meet Reellance!

Meet our incredibly talented member of the week for the month of March, Reellance! With two awards and two special prizes, Reellance has really built a name for himself with the Zooppa Community. Watch one of our favourites below, 1st place winner for Pepto Bismol’s Eat, Drink, and Be Covered contest($15,000 prize!), and check out his profile for more gold!

Who are you?

 I’m an artist/filmmaker who makes a living (12 yrs) as a professional storyboard artist for Commercials, Music Videos and Feature Films. 

Tell us a little bit about your filming background-what got you started?  

I’m a graduate of the Pasadena ArtCenter College of Design where I became interested in directing commercials and film.  Since graduation, I’ve directed an award-winning short film, music videos for indie-label bands as well as quite a few crowd-source/competition commercials. 

Phone It In, your submission to the Pizza Hut contest,  was pretty funny. Tell us about your creative process behind itWhat inspired you? 

Hmmm, well as with a lot of my ideas, I don’t really remember the moment of inspiration.  I do remember thinking that many pizza lovers typically enjoy their pizza at home while watching football – which often requires someone to “phone in” an order.  Then i imagined a few overzealous customers being caught up in the game and calling in their order with the passion of a dueling quarterback.  The thing I love most about doing competition spots for Zooppa, is taking the brief and coming up with a clever concept that I can realistically shoot within a limited budget, using family and friends and my available resources. I feel that these sort of projects require a lot more creativity than having a large budget and abundance of resources.  Specifically with “Phone It In” was figuring out a way to film the Pizza Hut location which I felt like I really needed to make the spot work.  I asked to film in a real Pizza Hut location near my home, but the manager was not receptive.  Then I had the problem of casting an actual Pizza Hut employee so that my lack of a “real” PH location would be less important if I sold the shot with a real employee. I couldn’t find someone that was willing and looked quite right.  So I had no real location and no real employee.  This is where the fun comes in.  I figure out how to turn my dining area/kitchen into the interior of a PH location and I search eBay for a real PH uniform so that I can cast whoever I want for the part.  I found an actual PH shirt for $10 on ebay plus shipping and an appropriate red visor for $6 plus shipping. My dining area is already painted a nice warm yellow which worked well.  The rest of the walls I covered in red shelving paper (easily removable).  The “counter was two pieces of wood shelving, one of which was covered with “stainless steel – look” shelving paper.  Top it off with reprints of menus and logos I found on the internet and enlarged, add in a few counter-top display items, some real boxes in the background, top the shot off with my cute niece (who is also in my winning Zinio spot) and think it sold really well quite well as a real PH location.  

What are you hoping to achieve in the future? 

In the future I’d love to continue having fun with my family and friends creating entries for Zooppa competitions. Beyond that I’d love to see one of my feature films scripts end up on the big screen.

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