Privacy in the Digital Age Winners Featured at Cannes

A team from Razorfish crossed the pond two weeks ago to present a seminar on privacy at the Cannes Lions Advertising festival, and the winners of Zooppa’s Privacy in the Digital Age Competition took center stage.

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is the world’s global meeting place for professionals in the communications industry. Thousands of delegates from around the world attend the festival to view shortlisted work and attend seminars, workshops and master classes. The biggest names in advertising are there every year, to celebrate creativity and effectiveness in advertising communications.

This year, members of Zooppa joined the ranks of this prestigious community through a presentation that executives from the Razorfish digital agency gave. You can see the presentation they gave below. The Grand Prize winners of the Privacy in the Digital Age competition were specifically featured in the presentation, and Razorfish executives commmented on each winner’s work.

Here are the winners of the Razorfish Privacy in the Digital Age competition on Zooppa:

Grand Prize Winners

ootb, Les Voyeuer

srfilms, Are You Oversharing?

quackfoo54, The Day After

Jimmydagget, You Never Know Who’s Watching

pedrosanguine, Napoleon

svitto, A Click May Change Your Future

brunorodsilva, Does Privacy Really Exist in the Digital Age?

Zooppa Prize Winners

mokaproductions, Privacy? Don’t Overshare

SebaSera, Secret Agent – Hacking

RenanMoura, Who Am I Going to Be Today?!

Congratulations to all the winners, and everyone who participated in this contest. Zooppa is very proud of having its members featured at Cannes.

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