2017 Professional 360° and VR Camera Comparison — The Ultimate Chart

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Based on the success of our Consumer 360° Camera Comparison, we thought we’d continue the trend and give you an in-depth analysis of the professional hardware as well. This is a market that is constantly innovating and working towards improving pro level software and camera equipment.

In terms of content, last week the British band Gorillaz have returned with a bang, promoting their new ‘Humanz’ album. It’s been hailed by the industry as the best 360 VR music video yet.

For those who missed seeing their video, time to put your VR headset on:

Regarding cameras, the beginning of 2017 has presented many surprises so far: the American company Sonirock Inc, based in San Francisco, announced their new 360° VR Professional camera called Sonicam.


Sonicam by Sonirock Inc

Sonicam records 360° full spherical video with a 3D visual imaging effect for a better VR experience. The camera also boasts 4K resolution at 30fp and supports live video and time-lapse.

For those professional level aficionados, here’s our comprehensive chart:

360 professional camera comparing chart 2017

360° VR Professional Camera Video Examples

Interested in seeing what the footage looks like off these cameras? Below are the official testing videos that will give you an idea of what the quality, look, and feel are like.

  • Nokia Ozo

  • Facebook Surround 360°

  • Mini Eye 4

  • Project Beyond

  • MoooVR – Rig

  • GoPro – Omni

  • Project Beyond

At ZR.Productions, we are gearing up for the new era of video. Are you ready to join us?

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