Q&A Cheat Sheet: Got Milk answers!

Hi Zoopsters! We’re flying high after your awesome questions from today’s Got Milk Q&A with It’s Just Not Breakfast Without Milk clients.

If you weren’t able to attend, here is your cheat sheet.

Don’t forget, submit your entries by April 16, 2012. 

Q: What is the main theme?
A: It’s really all about milk being essential at breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. We’d like to see your work in one of these 4 areas:

  • Great Lengths: Milk is essential for breakfast. What epic journey would you go on to get it?
  • Milk Makes My Day: Milk provides essential protein and calcium so you’re ready to tackle whatever your day holds.
  • Model Behavior: Kids are more likely to drink milk if their parents do, too. Model healthy eating habits for your kids.
  • Embrace Morning Chaos: Mornings can be crazy. But with milk , you can handle anything.

Q: Is it OK if we don’t realize it’s a Got Milk ad right away–then have an “aha” reveal?
A: Absolutely!

Q: What is the best container to show milk in?
A: Definitely the gallon container with the blue cap. If you can’t do that (international participants especially), cups, glasses, and pitchers are all fine.

Q: Are spoofs of existing Got Milk commercials OK?
A: Probably not. We’re looking for your creativity here—show us something new!

Q: Is there a limit to my entries?
A: No, go crazy! Submit as many as you want. We want to see your creativity!

Q: Are non-traditional homes OK (i.e., if a family of animals, they might live outside)
A: Yes, if it’s clear that they’re at home, and having breakfast, that’s totally fine.

Q: Is it OK to show cream cheese and butter?
A: Yes, they are fine. Just avoid competing beverages like orange juice, or dairy products that are similar, like yogurt.

Q: Is there any disadvantage to entering at the last minute?
A: By submitting early, you’ll have more time to revise if needed. Sometimes we have to ask for edits (for instance, if you showed logos on items in the fridge). All of these must happen before the final deadline on April 16 for your entry to count.  Also, uploading earlier means you have more time to earn votes!

Q: Can I win for multiple categories?
A: Yes, your entry can win both Client and Voter awards!

Q: Are there any limitations on the music I can use? Can I use iTunes music I own?
A: No, iTunes tracks are only for personal use. You need to get a commercial license to use that music—which is usually very expensive. We recommend using FriendlyMusic to find awesome and affordable commercially usable music. Or making your own!

Q: What is the ultimate purpose of these videos? Showing off the flavor, the health benefits, etc.?
A: Really making white milk central for breakfast.

Q:  Is it better to be funny or family-focused here?
A: Either! We love both angles.

Q: Is it better to highlight Mom, or Dad?
A: Either! Milk is an “anyone” beverage. Not just kids, but for parents too.

Q: Are colorful cups OK to use?
A: Yes, fun cups are great!

Q: Is it OK to show animals in these spots, particularly dogs?
A: Yes, so long as they’re well-treated! We probably don’t care to see the animals drinking the milk, but having them is just fine.

Q: How would you rank these when choosing your winners: acting, ideas, comedy, and quality?
A: Definitely acting is crucial. Comedy isn’t necessary for these spots—good, but not necessary. Really, “quality” also contains a good idea and great acting. You kinda need them all.

Q: Are fight scenes OK?
A: If they’re humorous, they’re OK. But we want to avoid anything controversial.

Q: Who will be choosing these winners, the ad agency or the client?
A: Both.

Q: If we’re doing animated work, should we use the generic label?
A: Not necessary, just use the blue cap on the milk jug.

Q: Are there any food products, other than competing beverages, we should avoid?
A: No, but we do encourage healthy foods.

Thanks everyone! We look forward to seeing your entries!

Zooppa Support Team


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