Q&A with Ian Fraser, Zooppa’s New Community Manager

Who is Ian Fraser? It’s a question many have asked themselves, but few have found answers. Ian Fraser is an enigma, a man cloaked in mystery.

However, getting answers is most effective when you ask somebody who knows. In this case, we went straight to the source.


Zooppa: You’re trapped on an island. Which one of your new co-workers do you eat first? 

Ian: I’d have to watch everyone to see who has the healthiest diet. You are what you eat.

Z: Which North American mammal best describes you?

I: The Meerkat. Because I like to stand up sometimes.

Meerkats live in Africa, Ian. 

Z: Best and worst Halloween costume?

I: My best was Magnum PI. My worst was for an Egyptian-themed Halloween party. I wore a t-shirt that said “I am not an Alcoholic.” I was de-“Nile.”

Z: Ketchup, mustard, and/or relish on hot dogs?

I: Relish. Or mayonaise.

Z: Any crazy stories from working as an elevator operator at the Space Needle?

I: None that happened to me, but another elevator operator who worked there for 20 years told me that when she was pregnant with her daughter, her skirt got caught in the door of the elevator and pulled it up over her head as the elevator descended.  That seems like it woulda been pretty crazy.


Other fun Ian facts: He recently moved back to the Northwest after years in New York City, he is the proud father of twin girls, and also is a big fan of Perfect Strangers (see below.) This video even prompted an interview by a Perfect Strangers fan site.

See more of Ian in his starring turn in…Car Pool. Click here for his official bio.


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