Replacements? New Rules.

Pay attention, dear Zooppers! We launch a very important rule. Starting by now we are changing the way to replace mistaken ads. If you want to correct your ads or make minimal revision after having posted them, you can directly upload the new version and we remove the previous one without any message or email from you with the correct one.

Obviously, in this way, all the comments and the stars concerning your previous ad will be deleted. So pay more attention when you upload your works: to the grammar, the punctuation marks, the colors, the graphic aspect, the message tone, the format, the resolution, the file compression… to everything. Because we wil not replace your ads anymore. This new rule is necessary: both to encurage you to be more responsible and to pay more attention (your replacement request are become too numerous), and to guarantee the absolute regularity of the contest. We don’t want to appear less available to solve your problema but this is an obliged choice to be in line with other creative contests. We are sure that you understand the importance and the rightness of this choice.

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