Samsung Video Contest Winners Announced!

Hey Zooppers! We have the winners of It’s Time to Tab!

1st Place is Motionsickfx with his computer generated piece “Samsung Galaxy Tab is Everything

2nd Place is UnstableTable’s video on the Tab’s POV, “Samsung – It’s Time to Tab

3rd Place is Afirewithin86’s crazily cute video “OMG! It’s time to Tab!

4th Place is SergioAM (the early entry winner) with the minimalist titled “My Story

5th Place is Tbarnes37’s video on case studies for the Tab titled “If Only

Now Voting Winners!
(keep in mind that voting ended on 6/27)

1st Place goes to Neeko with “Working For Mr. Hard To Please!!!

2nd Place goes to diane1612 for “All in One

3rd Place goes to GFT’s “Lily Girl on the Go 2

4th Place goes to aluckytech “What can you do with your Tab?

5th Place goes to Master0396 for “Everything In A Thin Rectangle”

Meme E

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