Share Your ‘Ville with Johnsonville’s Contest

We are so excited for our Johnsonville Share Your Ville contest—after all, what better way to kick off the summer than with a product that grills are practically made for? Of course, Johnsonville isn’t just about the summer barbecue, even if the summer sizzle is definitely on our minds during these more sultry months. You can smell and taste their signature flavors all over your vacations, festivals, warm winter meals, tailgating weekends, and more.

Really, though, it’s about the atmosphere of which delicious Johnsonville sausages can remind you and be an integral part. And that’s what the competition is about: the Ville! If it takes a village to raise a child, then these food babies are part of this village’s long tradition of “casual, comfortable, genuine, fun” excellence. Which is why the creative brief for Johnsonville’s challenge reads like a list of the good times and the people and places that have made those moments happen. Your ads are raising their tongs and skillets to the Friends, Family, Events, and/or Locations which hold the best memories, ones which wouldn’t quite be complete without the Johnsonville sausages bringing their mouthwatering flavors to the table (or napkins, or bare hands, or however you roll).

Johnsonville has been able to provide a ton of resources for you to look up and be inspired by. The following links should give you an idea of what kind of sentiments people have about Johnsonville, which you might want to think about as you create your ad. You can check them out on the Johnsonville Competition Page.

As you know, we’ve partnered with Johnsonville on this competition so they’re hosting their own competition over on their website for the grand prize of $10,000. But remember that any video submitted to Johnsonville is also up for the $3,000 in Zooppa awards, so make sure to submit your work to both pages!

In some ways the Johnsonville contest is pretty layered, because there are a lot of elements at work in combining food and the moment without getting too “warm and cuddly”, i.e. overly sentimental. There’s some spice here, after all! But in other ways this competition is simple in the best sense of the word. It’s all about the ’ville. Show us yours, hilarious or heartwarming, sassy and sincere, bring it all—because Johnsonville’s Big Flavor definitely does. We can’t wait to see them!

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