Show Wrangler Why You Should Design Their Next Blue Jeans!

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Zooppa dudes!  Beyond the campaigns that we host on the Zooppa website, we want to make sure that community members hear about other creative opportunities out there.  Here’s a great video contest opportunity from Wrangler Jeans that just crossed our desk.

Got a Vision for the Future of Blue Jeans?

Well you only have 5 days left since they stop taking submissions 3/29/11! We came across a cool opportunity for any of you that may have an interest in shaping the future of blue jeans: Wrangler’s Next Blue Design Contest. Blue jeans are, after all, the official uniform of creative people around the world – so we thought you might be interested in having a say in the matter.

Here’s the scoop:

1. You don’t have to be a designer, you just need a creative vision for jeans and talk about your inspiration

2. You upload a video up to 3 minutes – it can be slickly produced or you can just do a web cam version talking about your vision. Watch examples here.

3. Five finalists fly to Wrangler in Greensboro, NC and meet the Wrangler team. The winner gets $5k and your design sold on Wrangler.com

4. They have a pretty awesome intro video. Check it out below, and then read the entry guidelines here: http://nextblue.com/about

5. Oh, yeah, there’s only a few days left, so get in while you can!

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