Silk End Date Change, Additional $2,000 in Awards

Silk came to us with a request to move the end date of their competition up to March 4th. They are trying to get the videos in so that they can use them for a marketing initiative in mid-March.

Maybe it’s not so cool that the end date is sooner, but it is cool that they’re looking to use your videos for a marketing campaign!

Not cool enough?


How about another $2,000?

In order to make up for any waves they might have caused by moving the end date up, Silk has offered up another $2,000 in awards for this campaign. Now the total prize purse is $17,000, and the top jury prize will pay $8,000. The rest of the additional money has been distributed to other jury awards and voting awards.

So please make note:

The end date of the Silk competition is now March 4, 2011

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