SKY Competition Winners!

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Hi Zooppers! OK Folks- So we've got all the SKY awards accounted for. Below you'll find all the Client, Zooppa & Community awards for the SKY competitions' fabulous videos and prints. Thanks to everyone who participated, and Lena will be in touch with the winners! Here we go: SKY Client Video Award, Waiting When You Get Home, Stock71: SKY Client Print Award, More Than Real, Gneko: Zooppa Video Award - After much deliberation, we have decided to split the Zooppa Video Award between two winners, Wyam & Goldstein: Pay Attention, Wyam: Sky TV: Remote Record, Goldstein: Zooppa Print Award, I GOT SKY, by Ashcroft: SKY Community Video - 1st Place, SKY HDTV, mggeralle: SKY Community Video - 2nd Place, The SKY HD Mouse, Niccolo: SKY Community Video - 3rd Place, So Clear...It's Real, XCPuckstopper35: SKY Community Print - 1st Place, Now You Have Time, Sunrise: SKY Community Print - 2nd Place, Another SKY HD Addicted, Electrix: SKY Community Print - 3rd Place, God Watch SKYHD, AndreaMando:

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