Small Changes to the Ultimate Software Brief

Zooppa staff met with the Ultimate Software people, and tried to work with them to provide some sort of unifying “angle” or “theme” to this competition.

We were a little concerned that the brief was a little obtuse – as it was, there wasn’t a very clear call to action regarding what is expected of filmmakers.

We decided to make the contest about illustrating one of Ultimate Software’s competitive advantages:

1) UltiPro is a unified system, rather than an integrated one (integrated systems use different user-interfaces, different programming languages, different databases, etc. Sometimes these different, cobbled-together systems don’t communicate efficiently)

2) Since UltiPro is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), so there isn’t a large up-front cost (like there is with software packages). Small and medium-sized businesses can pay for UltiPro as they go.

3) UltiPro’s Software-as-a-Service solution grows with your business. UltiPro can be used by companies with 200 employees, and companies with 100,000 employees.

4) With UltiPro’s SaaS solution, there is never a need to dedicate IT staff to service your Human Capital Management software – no matter how big your business is. Service & maintenance is done centrally by Ultimate Software.

5) For the past 20 years, Ultimate Software has focused 100% on Human Capital Management. They are 100% dedicated to research, development and delivery of HCM solutions. It’s all they do.

Will this make it easier to conceptualize? Ideate? Create?

– I felt like these changes didn’t materially affect the brief; anyone already creating against the original brief should still have a video that fits with the small brief changes I made.

We’re supposed to be making engaging, sharable videos about Ultimate Software. Does it help to have the above jump-off points?

At first, I tried to sell them on the “angle” of “What happens when an employee gets lost in the system?”. I thought this was a good way of illustrating what can happen if you’re relying on an integrated system rather than a unified system. When your payroll system works with a different database from your employee vacation database, for example, information could get dropped when the systems are trying to pass information. What kinds of awkward, funny things could happen if an employee got lost in the system like this?

Anyway, that was an idea I was toying with, that I thought would illustrate point 1.

Hopefully all this helps people get some ideas for this difficult product. But hey, at the end of the day, there are cash prizes for this competition, so I’m sure that’s enough to get your creative engines running.

And it’s also a great way to put a business-to-business product in your reel.

The business-to-business sector is a large and growing market – rather than addressing consumers directly, ads are targeted towards the businesses that will use the technology or service.

Also – There is a new, larger Ultimate Software logo in the materials files for this contest. If you already created a video using the smaller logo, that’s fine. But if you’d like to work with a larger version, it’s in there now.

Happy creating!

Prizes: $5,000 in prizes, Grand Prize of $2,500
Contest Closes: March 7th, 2011
Type of Contest: Video

Go directly to the Ultimate Software brief page.

Got questions? Go to the Ultimate Software forum thread

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