Snapchat: Augmented Reality Stickers

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Snapchat responds to Facebook with AR Stickers

Snapchat responds to Facebook with AR Stickers

Snapchat decided to step up its game by releasing brand new stickers called World Lenses. You can use these stickers with the rear-view camera and it marks the company’s first attempt to enter the world of augmented reality. Similar to the popular filter lenses, you choose the filter that you want and you can move the stickers around with your finger. These World Lenses will change daily, according to the company.

These stickers are very different from the typical stickers that Snapchat rolled out a little while back. Once a World Lens has been placed, the app will act as if the sticker exists in real life–walk closer to it and it will get bigger.

Take a look:

Who’s tried out these new World Lenses? How long do you think it will take for Instagram to copy this new feature? Let us know in the comments!

Chantal Wong

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