Snapchat Geofilters

Geofilters: the special filter that allows users on Snapchat to place over their photos and videos at a certain location.

Snapchat is turning its focus onto its geofilters as an opportunity for its growth as a business. Earlier this week, they started allowing its ad partners from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada to sell and manage sponsored geofilters. These partners, like Amobee and VaynerMedia, will be able to buy, manage, and sell geofilters along with their full screen video ads. Previously, you could only order a Snapchat geofilter directly through their self-service tool that launched back in February 2016. Now, here is what advertisers will see when they opt to buy a geofilter in Amobee:

Theoretically, these ad-tech vendors will be able to assist brands in buying bigger ad packages that include both filters and full-screen ads and automatically manage the targeting of geofilters themselves. Creative firms will also have the ability to develop creative templates to help brands design custom geofilters.

Snap is starting to look at how to make these geofilters more available to marketers with other partners.For example, many wedding sites will now be able to sell geofilters for couples and wedding planners. These sites include WeddingWire, Hootsuite, Eventfarm, and MomentFeed. Pricing will vary depending on duration and location of the filter.

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