Why You Should Love Stop Motion Animation Too

I have been thinking a lot about animation recently for several reasons. For the last year, I have been toying around with animation and flip books in my own creative ventures. Also, ever since I read the New Yorker profile of Wes Anderson by Richard Brody (film writer and personal hero) back in the fall, I have been waiting with bated breath for the release of Anderson’s most recent project. The film is his first foray into stop-motion animation and an adaptation of the Roald Dahl children’s classic ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox.’

I finally got out to see ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ last week and it was everything I had hoped for. The thing I really love about Anderson’s films – the uber-stylization and deliberate, minute details – were as present as ever in the film, and this time on a teeny tiny scale. The world he constructs for ‘Fox’ is painstakingly choreographed from the stitching on Mr. Fox’s corduroy suit to the yellow phone and fountain pens on the desk of Badger the lawyer (voiced by Bill Murray), to the aisles of individual cans and produce in the tiny grocery store set. Anderson does a pretty good job of adapting and elaborating on Dahl’s original story, preserving Dahl’s ever present dark undertones. Like Dahl’s books, the film will please a younger audience, but the subtlety and humor is definitely designed for a more mature crowd.

We have been creating a bit of stop motion here at Zooppa lately too. Our animation guru Pascal created a beautiful stop motion video brief for Zooppa’s competition with Hershey’s. It only took him a few hours to complete shooting the video. Together with the soundtrack and voice over, the overall tone of the piece is really sweet (pardon the pun).

Inspired by renewed enthusiasm for innovative and clever animation, I have been perusing the web for other interesting tidbits.

This morning I found my way to Wooster Collective, which is one of my favorite sites dedicated to the celebration and documentation of international street art. Browsing around, I found a video that they posted way back on November 6, that I somehow missed until now. The video, which incorporates a room-sized flip book, was created by artist Donato Sansone, with sound design by Enrico Ascoli. I always love seeing what people can do with more traditional modes of animation. Sonsone’s Videogioco, realized in the traditions of stop motion and flip book animation, is of one of the most innovative shorts I have seen in a long time.

I love finding gems like this video; it makes me excited about projects that I have in the works. The amount of amazing content out there, that we can access in an instant online, is mind boggling. I want to hear about what inspires creativity in you, and am always excited to be tipped off to new bits of interesting media.

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