Stream into our latest video contest with AVerMedia!

Hey Zooppers! I’m sure you’ve seen games streamed online and always wondered how it’s done!  Well, AVerMedia is the company that makes it all happen!  AVerMedia produces a series of game capture cards which allow gamers to stream their game play from consoles or PCs, live and online!

Here’s the scoop! AVerMedia is looking for a video ad, maximum 180 seconds in length, or a print ad, in which you show how game play capture and streaming can change your life!  Make it fun, creative, silly, or serious.  Keep in mind, video games are protected under copyright law, so you will not be able to show any game footage in your videos! Focus on what crazy, epic, magnificent changes could happen in your life rather than the footage you capture from streaming.

There is $10,000 on the line so start showing us how streaming game play can change your life!

Entries are being accepted now! The upload deadline is December 13, 2012 at 4:00pm PST

To see the brief, click here!

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