Super Bowl 2k17…Are you ready?

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Sure, you could get really excited about two teams fighting to claim the season's NFL champion title. Or you could sit back, relax, snack and enjoy the real reason we're here: The Super Bowl Commercials. These crazy commercials set the standard for commercials the rest of the year and advertisers are willing to pay for it. Buying a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl costs over $5 million on average. Excited yet? A couple of teasers were released for the upcoming commercials––that's right, teasers. That's how huge these commercials are. Take a look at a couple of teasers and a couple of the best Super Bowl Ads. Of all time.

Avocados - Come and get it hipsters

Kia - What are you running from Melissa McCarthy?

TurboTax - Humpty Dumpty

Skittles - How Romantic

Squarespace - Domain Names

Wix.com - Wonder Woman meets The Transporter...

Best Super Bowl Ads Ever

Volkswagen (2011)

McDonald's (1993)

Coca-Cola (1980)

Snickers - (2010)

Old Spice (2010)

Who are we kidding, you want to see more don't you? Here's a compilation of the best commercials from 2016:

What is your favorite Super Bowl commercial?? Let us know in the comments!

Chantal Wong

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