Zooppa + Reebok: Innovation in Media Award

reebok award

We have some fantastic news to share: Our "Pump It Up" campaign with Reebok has won the silver award for Innovation in Media at The Internationalist Awards in New York!

The campaign, which launched


New Consumer Reports and POSSIBLE Contests!

Fellow creatives:

This Wednesday we would like to announce two new contests that are now live at Zooppa:

Consumer Reports: No One Tests Like Consumer Reports Does
POSSIBLE: Help Us Spread Optimism


Eat, Drink & Be Covered Winners Announced

The winners are in for the Pepto-Bismol competition! It was a really successful competition, and we all had a lot of fun with it! The tagline behind the campaign was "Eat, Drink & Be Covered", and


Inspirational Reading for Advertising Lovers

Hello borderline unhealthy, obsessed with advertising, creative geniuses. AKA: ZOOPERS! I know exactly how you feel. Because I am one of you. Maybe your looking to land your dream job at a big agency or