The Best Scenes from Pootie Tang

I recently noticed Pootie Tang trending on Twitter and it made me so happy. This has always been my go-to B list movie. The more times you watch it the better it gets. There are a prodigious number of cameos (Kristen Bell’s first movie, David Cross makes an appearance, I could go on a long time), and the music and MTV feel of the whole thing keeps it going at a reasonable clip. I don’t know if people are suddenly paying attention now because it was directed by Louis C.K., but this film is only getting better with age.

Here are the best scenes from the film.

5. Pootie done did it again!: Such a classic scene from this movie! Chris Rock going nuts at the DJ table and throwing all the tapes on the ground is phenomenal.

4.Bob Costas as host: I have no idea how they got him to do this movie, but the bigger his career gets, the better this clip is. With the Olympics in the recent past, this clip is especially funny.

3. Special soundtrack video: While this isn’t necessarily a real ‘scene’ in the movie, it encapsulates how the whole movie feels like an 80 minute MTV music video. The movie has quick transitions and huge hip-hop and rap beats that make it the movie it is. I haven’t found the music available for free anywhere, but the soundtrack is available on Amazon.

2. Every Biggie Shortie moment: It is difficult to explain why Wanda Sykes is so entertaining in this film, but I think it must be her theme song and the way she dances to it. This is a perfect example of how a repeated theme can make a character stand out and be memorable.

1. Pootie offers a woman some milk: This scene just gets funnier every time without fail. The scene loses some of its genius out of context, but the absurdity of it makes up for those of you who haven’t had the luxury of seeing the film. Bonus: Biggie Shortie pops in at the end of the clip.

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