The Cola War Wages On in the Zooppa Office

I now present a fair and balanced account of an internal conflict in the Zooppa offices.

Hayden, one of our young and talented, but very often wrong, sales guys came up to me today and said, “Coke is way better than Pepsi.”  Because I know that Pepsi is better, I punched him right in the face.  Then he kicked me in the spleen, weakly, with his weak legs, because he’s weak.  The scuffle lasted until lunch.  It was an epic. After a brief meeting with HR regarding some silly “No Fighting” policy, we decided we should discuss the matter rationally.  Hayden laid out his points for why he felt Coke was better.

Hayden’s dumb reasons why Coke is better

  • It’s more iconic
  • It’s more refreshing
  • It has better branding
  • It tastes less “sugary”
  • Polar bears



Ian’s awesome reasons why Pepsi is better:

  • It tastes less “sugary”
  • It’s The Choice of a New Generation
  • My friend Duane really likes it
  • Beyonce



Conclusion: I think, based on nothing but the facts, that I have proved without a doubt that Pepsi is better.

No matter what we think about cola, the two of us would most definitely put our differences aside and come together to lend our voices to fight against poverty, famine and disease.  Do you know two people on opposite sides who came come together for the common good?  Then make a video or print about them and submit it to our contest for ONE!

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