The Time for Video is Now

Zooppers, we found a great video via ReelSEO, the world’s leading resource of news, tips, research and trends focused in video marketing. This video is a call to action for businesses to get into the groove of things within their marketing sectors, since video is now a marketing-must. Businesses demand video marketing. Here is a brief overview of what you will see in the video:

• We watch video for: entertainment, education and because it’s easy
• Video sells
• Video drives web traffic
• Video will become the number one choice for corporate communications
• Video reaches the people next to you and the ones across the globe
• Video gives a face to the brands behind the products, which allows for a relationship between brand and consumer to form effortlessly

Here’s a quick tip for video making: come up with a great title, which requires doing some research in SEO keywords. One way to do this is by typing words or phrases in YouTube to see which videos come up first. These are the ones that generate the most traffic. For universal search results, you can run the same search using Bing and Google.

What other tips about video making can you share with your fellow Zooppers?

Meme E

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