The track gets longer!

Broom broom cicciobrothers! After a dashing off start with the Metzeler contest, the finishing line is getting near… in fact no, it gets far… but what’s happening? Can we keep on rousing our creativity? Ok, now we’ll explain to you.

You all have seen how peculiar are the prizes at stake for this contest. Two -wheel maniacs won’t like to miss them: t-shirts, jackets and – to the winners of each country indicated on the brief – a trip to the Isle of Man, where you’ll be able to test live the new Metzeler tyres in the famous Tourist Trophy circuit.

But the race towards Tourist Trophy lengthens! Metzeler has in fact postponed the event date to May 11th and 12th, in the Isle of Man.
To give all our zooppers the opportunity to compete to the end and take the prizes at stake, the company decided to postpone also the contest’s closing day. The new deadline for you to participate in the contest is April 15th, 2008!

 Do you want to cross the line and take the trophy? So, don’t slow the run and come into action you all!


p.s. Dear zooppers, if for circumstances beyond one’s control the event date should be postponed again, Metzeler commits itself to organize another event within six months from the indicated date.

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