The Zooppa Time Machine…

It was (roughly) around one year ago today that Zooppa teamed up with GoDaddy for a campaign that featured over 45 submissions. Okay…okay…so maybe we don’t quite have to step into the Delorean to check out all the sweet videos from the campaign last April. However, we did get to check in with lshertzer to give us a little insight on his winning submission and a his other videos over the past year. Check it out:

Mind giving us a little info on your creative background and Ribbit Multimedia Inc.?

Ribbit Multimedia is a website design and marketing company I started in 2003 who’s clients have included Regency Centers, Blackbeard’s Rum Company, Gaylord Texan, Travelocity, and now GoDaddy.com (with some thanks to Zooppa).

We started with the GoDaddy commercial contest just for fun, but actually ending up winning a couple contest last year from Zooppa and a few other commercial contests.

Of the 4 you sent for GoDaddy, which one did you feel strongest about prior to entering? Did you think that Superpowers had the best chance at placing?

It was the first time we try making commercials, so we didn’t think we had a chance at all. Buy, yes, the Superpowers one we liked the best. I think our friends got a kick out of that one the most.

Since then you’ve also submitted to the Pillsbury, Pepto-Bismol, and more recently the Jones Soda WhoopAss Campaigns. Your Whoopass – Karate Style video even took third place. Can you explain to us your creative evolution through the past year and how it affected your Jones Soda Video?

I think the biggest thing we have learned is that sound effects are funny! When you add them in the right spot, they can make the video.

What lies on the creative horizon for lshertzer?

We would like to get more into commercials, we just need to step up the quality of the video/lighting which should come with time. It’s a learning process but a fun one.

And, of course, more videos for Zooppa.

Awesome. Thanks!

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