This Isn’t Westeros, We Need Organs!

If you are remotely involved with pop culture, you know all about the dystopian novel craze featuring such works as the Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. Based on the body count accumulated in each episode, there is no shortage of donors. As long as someone sits upon the Iron Throne or the Hunger Games are still going strong, fresh organs are in surplus.

News flash! You don’t live in these fantasy lands!

Nineteen people die every day in the United States waiting for a kidney transplant, most waiting 7 to 9 years. And unlike the poor people living in District 12, we have the means to do something about it.

Everybody can save a life, except for this guy from north of the wall.

How can you help?

There is nothing better than signing up yourself as a donor at MatchingDonors.com. However, if you are already wandering around with one kidney, you can help by sharing your story by submitting a video to our ‘Everybody Can Save a Life‘ contest.

We are lucky we are not living in a post-apocalyptic world (well, I suppose things didn’t work out for the dinosaurs), but that doesn’t mean we can ignore our responsibility to take care of those in need.

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