Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: Surviving, Teaching, and Moving on!

Hello Zoopers! It’s Friday, and you all know what that means! Weekly wrap-up time!

The Survivor pool continues to be a popular talking point around the office.  With another week of eliminations, and Russell’s removal from the island, Adam’s team is beginning to grow thin. As predicted by the others, Adam could very well be the first person to lose the Survivor office pool!

This week, three devilishly handsome Zooppa employees (Adam, Akaash, and Ian) went back to school! Rather than taking a page out of Van Wilder, we decided to teach a course on crowdsourcing at the School of Visual Concepts located in beautiful Seattle, Washington. The students were eager to learn about the Zooppa model and how they can enter contests!

Today was Zooppa Staff Member Jessie Carter’s last day. Before coming to Zooppa, Jessie worked at Phoenix Pictures in Los Angeles and as a casting associate and producer for several television programs. Jessie now turns her sights towards furthering her video production career! We will miss her around the office and wish her luck!

Finally, don’t forget about the video contests ending in the next couple of months!

Keep on Zoopping!

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