Three new Zooppa Partners!

We are proud to announce three new partners that have teamed up with Zooppa! They are: the Alpha Pacific Institute, the LA Film School, and Brandlab.

Alpha Pacific Institute is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has programs in Radio Broadcasting, Photography, Film and TV production, and more. Their ‘hands on’ approach allows students to develop their talent in their respective field. Students from API have gone on to have careers at ABC, CBS, and Inside Edition.

The Los Angeles Film School was created in 1999 and is considered “One of the best-equipped private learning centers in the country” according to The Hollywood Reporter. With teachers who have work on such films as The Matrix and Fight Club, along with campus visits from Wes Craven and Nick Nolte, you are ensured to get an education that is both exciting and unique. Albert Villalta, a director at the LA Film School, had this to say about this the partnership:
“We’re very excited about the prospects presented by our new partnership with Zooppa because it offers our students new opportunities they may not have sought out otherwise. Our curriculum provides a unique, hands-on experience that takes students through every facet of cinematography, production, set design, sound design, lighting and more; however, we’re now working to open doors for our students that extend well beyond movies. Zooppa is an important part of that process.”

Finally, we have BrandLab, an organization that focuses on creating opportunities in the marketing industry for students from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. BrandLab was started in 2007 at a High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been growing ever since. With support from Target, General Mills, and a variety of other support and sponsorships, over 300 students have completed the BrandLab class. Additionally, 16 students have completed internships, and 16 students have received $1,000,000 in college scholarships!
We are very excited about what the new partnership will be able to offer. We look forward to see submissions from students out of these three excellent programs.

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