Tiny Creativity, Great Possibilities

We all know that this whole world is composed of atoms, but have you ever thought just how much 12 tiny atoms can do?  With the combination of imagination, science and hard work in the IBM research team, a new era of data storage was born! Looking into IBM’s smallest movie – “A Boy and His Atom”, we can now speculate what movies storage could be like in the future. In the past, 1 million atoms is used to store 1 bit of data, but IBM researchers discovered that only 12 atoms is required for bit storage. This means that one single thumb drive could easily store all the movies ever made in the history. Imagine what kind of positive impact this could create in the film industry and image/video based companies.

Great dedication comes with great achievements. That is what IBM has shown us. The research team at IBM has made the impossible possible by creating something great.  This very same concept can be applied into filmmaking.

Help us find out what you can possibly make out of the impossible and let your imagination run wild!

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