TomTom CabaretLive: the selection starts!

Dear Zooppers,

the news with TomTom go on one after another! Last week we knew the names of the lucky chosen ones who have won the two navigators at stake for June, and now the moment to know the names of the first talents chosen by TomTom is arrived, they will take part in the final selection expected to December of 2008 – at the casting closing, to become TomTomCabaret official voices.

It was a fight to the last laughter, but after all TomTom decided! The lucky ones, in fact the skilful ones, are: Jacknegger, AndreaDib, MisterPablo, Playmoney, Teoberg and Brukat. Congratulations and good luck: we hope that the destiny’s voices can pronounce your names! We’re waiting for you!

Meme E

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