Top 5 Best Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween





Halloween is almost here! While you’re getting ready for a merry band of trick-or-treaters, here’s a list of the best scary movies to watch this Halloween.



5. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

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This 1920’s film from Germany is one of the best horror films from the silent era. With set pieces based on the expressionist art movement, Dr. Caligari is tale of insanity, mistaken identity, and serial murder!

Told by legendary director Robert Wiene, this film has inspired countless generations of filmmakers including Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam and Martin Scorsese. Also, you’ll never guess the twist ending.



4. House

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Some horror movies demand to be taken seriously, House (Hausu) does not. Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, this 1970’s Japanese haunted house movie is absurd and a great movie to watch.

A schoolgirl goes to visit her aunt’s decrepit house along with her six other friends. Along the way, they meet a ghost cat and from that point on the movie abandons all preconceived notions of realism and flies off into fantasy.

This movie also has some of the most creative deaths ever seen in cinema.I recommended it to anyone who wants to watch a scary movie this Halloween, but doesn’t want to be scared.



3. Let the Right One In

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In the onslaught of recent vampire movie releases, few are up to par with Tomas Alfredson’s sensitive, coming-of-age love story. Let the Right One In is a story about Oskar and his new vampire girlfriend.

After she takes on Oskar’s school bullies she has a favor to ask: she needs help getting blood. That’s when the real story begins. Does Oskar help the woman he loves, even if it means committing murder? Or can he stand by and watch her die?

This surprisingly intimate story is also full of terrifying imagery, a perfect date movie for those feeling romantic this Halloween.



2. The Shining

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Director Stanley Kubrick wanted a commercial success after his last film, Barry Lyndon, failed to produce high US box office earnings. What he made afterwards, adapted from Stephen King’s terrifying horror story The Shining, is one of the best horror movies of all time.

Jack Nicholson gives an out-of-the-park performance as a father whose sanity loosens until the haunted hotel he’s maintaining persuades him to put his wife (Duvall) and son in mortal danger. Although Stephen King has openly said he felt it was a poor adaptation, The Shining still stands as one of the most iconic horror movies ever made.



1. The Birds

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What starts off as a love story quickly spins out of control in Alfred Hitchcock’s terrifying masterpiece, The Birds. Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hendren) falls in love with lawyer Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor). Melanie visits Mitch at his home in Bodega Bay. After being greeted by Mitch’s younger sister and his controlling mother, a flock of birds assemble and decide to attack the entire town.

Hitchcock’s brilliant use of suspense combined with the bloody subject matter will give anyone a good fright this Halloween.


Happy Halloween, Everyone!


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