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It’s time for another design post! So today I have found a great resource for all you designers out there! It’s called Veer. Veer makes it easy for you to search tons of stock photos, fonts and illustrations-which all makes it easier for you to be creative! One thing I really like about the site is the homepage image changes every time you go to the site. There is also a link on the homepage that says “see elements used”, and when clicked on it will show you every element used to create that homepage image-all available to purchase on the site. Prices range anywhere from $2.00 – $785.00 (for all you experts out there!)

Another great thing about this site is the ideas page. This page is full of features created by the Veer staff. Everything from inspiration, videos and portfolios- you could look at this site for hours! There are also two blogs on the ideas page. The first, The Skinny is a blog created by the workers at Veer. They talk about what inspires them, their favorite images and typefaces and much more!

The second is The Fat. The Fat is  “A wide-angle view of your world as a creative.” Here members of the Veer site share ideas, inspiration, advice and can ask questions.

As you can see from the pictures, everything about this site is creative and inspiring. Whether it’s a typeface or a simple design- Veer really does make it easier to be creative! So register here – and get started! You even get 10 free credits when you sign up!

I hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend! :)

Meme E

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