Video Contest King Reviews Zooppa

Jared Cicon, aka the Video Contest King, wrote a review of the Zooppa platform on his blog. Jared is well known for not pulling any punches when it comes to the video contest field – his opinion can move mountains in the video contest realm. It took one well-constructed, well-placed email from the Video Contest King to get Go Daddy to increase the first prize in their current contest from $3,000 to $100,000! ($100K first prize for the main Go Daddy competition – Zooppa is offering an additional $3K in our own Go Daddy Competition)

In any event, Jared took it upon himself to analyze what we do here at Zooppa. He took a look at how we organize and manage our competitions compared to some of our competitors. You can read what Jared had to say about Zooppa on the Video Contest King Blog.

The Video Contest King blog is a resource for discussions on the user-generated advertising industry. Jared writes about developments in the field, and breaks down different competitions for their positive and negative aspects. Jared has even started a movement to organize video contest film makers. In any event, Jared has entered and won many video contests, and the Video Contest King blog is a great to stay on top of movements within our industry.

Please give any comments you might have about this article or about the way Zooppa manages competitions here!

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