Virtual Reality: Future of filmmaking?

Is Virtual Reality (VR) the future of all filmmaking or a gimmick that fans will ultimately give a thumbs down?

VR took the world by storm, but hasn’t made any new or significant strides. The technology is still under development and it continues to be showcased at different events all around the world. There were public VR-viewing cubes recently at the Toronto International Film Festival.

There’s “an element of wonder and delight of suddenly being someplace you’ve never been before or being transported in a heartbeat. It’s almost like a time-travel machine or a teleporter. There’s something really powerful to that” says digital studio director at TIFF, Jody Sugrue.

The VR scene is still in its early stages with Hollywood and other filmmaking communities just dipping their toes into VR productions.

Co-founder of a pop-up VR cinema, Ran Mo, claims that, “everyone is trying to discover the way we tell stories in VR and no one has really figured it out”.

What do you think? Is VR the next new form of entertainment? To learn more, read the full article by Jessica Wong from CBC News.

Virtual Reality Demonstrations by Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas is under creative commons 2.0

Chantal Wong

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