Viva Italia!

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear about Italy? Personally, I think of carbohydrates drenched in garlicky tomato sauce. Yum!

Food plays such a large role in Italy’s overall culture, and so there could not be a better theme for the Expo taking place in Milan than: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” In a nutshell (food pun not intended), the goal of the Expo is to display and bring to light new ideas on how to develop sustainable practices to allow access to healthy and high-quality food for all. People from a variety of backgrounds, including farmers, researchers, and restaurateurs, will come together and have a chance to learn and share innovative ideas about possibilities to increase the value of nutrition and food sustainability worldwide.

Expo Milano 2015 would like to invite you, dear filmmakers, to take part in the event that will influence the entire world by creating a short video that highlights the importance of the impact that the Italian food culture could have in the world’s nutrition sustainability. And aside from the international recognition you will receive as a filmmaker, you could also win a $10,000 cash prize – pretty cool, right? Check out the contest brief and the Expo’s website to get more information about how to make a delicious video!

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