Webtel.mobi: Announcing the winners!!

The Webtel.mobi competition is an historic event for Zooppa.

Both the quality and sheer amount of entries shows the incredible amount of talent in the Zooppa community.  During the Webtel.mobi competition we received a record setting 174 videos!

Webtel.mobi thinks that all of the entries are fantastic and they are overwhelmed by the response.

It was weeks in the making, and I know you are all on the edge of your seat…

So here goes, the winners of the Webtel.mobi competition!

Webtel.mobi Client Awards

Overall Competition Winner – $20,000

Rap around the world by Joshinthebox

Local – $7500

Granma Calling by Grenar

International – $7500

Rap around the world by Joshinthebox

Roaming – $7500

Battery 4 Life by cauthier

Geographic (tie) – $7500

Webtel.mobi Coverage test (stolen video) by Raymond

Prank by Remnant

Freestyle – $7500

In the Clouds by rpgamer2003

Community Winners

International – $2600

ET Phone Home by CHV

Geographic – $2600

The Globe – New Version by CHV

Freestyle – $2600

Love. Happens with Webtel.mobi by cauthier

Roaming – $2600

The jar by Tristan

Local – $2600

Granma Calling by Grenar

Zooppa Staff Awards

International – $1100

mis(communication) by jpw4134

This well executed video demonstrates the communication problems between people of different generations. When we talk about internet, mobile phones and technology with grandparents, it can be really hard. This video shows this in a  simple, but effective way. Also, the cinematic style is consistent with the message: the choice of shots make the video pleasant and immediately understandable. Ultimately we like both the content and the technique.

Geographic – $1100

Mirrors by ilolproductions

We love this film! Clear and effective. And to make this film, no large crew or loads of gear were necessary. There is obviously a lot of organization and personal vision behind this piece: congratulations to the author!  Along with the visual impact, we were impressed with the message about communication and the technology that makes it possible.

Freestyle – $1100

Donkeys Fly by guerillamktg

Guerillamktg’s video addresses the competition’s call for viral advertising with this funny, user-generated video. We like Guerillamktg’s intelligent viral concept that could potentially be the first in a series of such videos filmed in different locations.

Roaming – $880

the italian mobile by InsProductions

A very funny video from one of our most active Creatives. InsProduction wows us again with his well-honed shooting skills.  The director’s use of excellent camera angles, pacing, and music will get your heart pumping. The irony at the end of the ad makes the video even better. Great work!

Local – $1100

my talking cat by BgreenFX

Very well done in a short time frame. A talking cat, or any talking animal for that matter, is very funny and hard to ignore. This is a great way to hold the viewers attention with the unexpected.

Concept Award – $220

The Italian MOB(ile phone) by simonedesign

An intriguing concept for Webtel.mobi from simonedesign, perfectly excuted as a video by InsProductions. Good work on teaming up to make this happen, we love to see collaboration at Zooppa!

Meme E


  1. Just wanted to say congratulations to everyone!! It was an awesome contest to be a part of! :D

  2. crazy zooppa!

    where is the viral???
    is only in Raymond!!
    I love web 2.0!!!!!
    Hy zooppers.

    an italian friend :))

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